About Me

My role as a counselor is to facilitate a process through which you can make meaningful changes in your life. I believe that all people are capable of change and sometimes need the supportive, non-judgmental experience counseling provides to assist in sorting through life's problems.

Using a combination of an existential approach with evidenced based practice, I will work with you to break down the barriers that have kept you stuck and have prevented you from reaching your meaningful life.

I will help you define, in your terms, what a life worth living means to you, and in highlighting your strengths, will encourage you to take the steps needed to get there.

Specializing In:

Disordered eating

Eating disorders

Negative body image
Relationship concerns
Bipolar disorder
Borderline personality disorder
Family conflict
Pregnancy Loss
Grief and Loss

Disordered eating and negative body image

I have over 8 years of experience working with people who struggle with disordered eating at the residential and outpatient levels. 


I recognize that most people who struggle with disordered eating and negative body image don't fit into a neatly defined DSM-5 diagnosis and I take this into consideration when adjusting my treatment approach to each individual client.


I am body positive, HAES inclusive, and solution focused in my approach.

About My Clients: 

My clients, who often come to me lonely, misunderstood, stuck, or feeling not themselves, often feel heard, validated, and connected after working with me. My ideal client comes to therapy ready to work - they may not know where they want to be or how they got where they are, but they are ready to make meaningful steps toward change. I work with adolescents and adults with a variety of presenting concerns including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, & relationship and interpersonal issues. I am trauma informed and specialize particularly in working with college age individuals and those who may be stepping down from a higher level of care

About My Approach: 

I utilize a combination of an insight-oriented, existential approach with evidenced based practice. I incorporate components of DBT, ACT, and CBT depending on the individual client and their reasons for seeking treatment. Therapy should not be a cookie-cutter experience, and thus when outlining treatment I take into consideration the entirety of my client's biological, psychological, and social/relational history in understanding their current experiences. I utilize a direct, yet compassionate and warm approach, providing a balance of support and challenge, that allows for flexibility, humor, and connection in the therapeutic process.

Image by Anastasiya Romanova